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Hungary ‘must go its own way’, says PM

Hungary "must go its own way", sticking to its own brave solutions without being bothered with what others have to say about them, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Parliament on Monday.

Hungary must contribute to the success of Europe, but it must also achieve its own goals, Orbán MPs, reporting on an EU summit at the weekend. Hungary must push away from the European Union's crisis zone if it is to be successful, he added.

To avoid the situation of Greece, the country must do everything to reduce its debt and continue to rescue Hungarian families from foreign currency-denominated debts, he said.

Orbán said it was in Europe's fundamental interest to review bank regulations. "Regulation is not a swearword," he added.

To ensure clients' money is in a safe place, commercial banks ought to be separated from investment banks, he said, adding that the financial sector was no longer a market but a "lottery".