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Hungary has already been using name Georgia, instead of Russian version, minister says

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has already been using the country name Georgia instead of the Russian version of that name, Gruzia, in bilateral diplomatic exchange, foreign minister János Martonyi wrote in his official response to a call of two MPs, which parliament released on Thursday.

The ministry started to use the name Georgia instead of Grúzia in official correspondence last spring on repeated calls by the Georgian side, which also serves the aim of strengthening bilateral cordial relations, Martonyi wrote in response to the initiative of András Kupper of ruling Fidesz and Tivadar Puskás of the co-ruling Christian Democrats.

The two MPs asked the foreign minister in mid July to promote the general use of the name Georgia in Hungary.

Martonyi noted that Georgia first called Hungary for the name change in June in 2009 and then repeated it several times.

The government of Georgia has been pressing for the name change since it fought a short war with Russia less than three years ago. The two countries have not restored diplomatic relations ever since.