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Hungary: Gyurcsány raises 0.8% of GDP tax cut in 2009

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány attended the parliamentary caucus meeting of the junior governing liberal party (SzDSz) in Debrecen, where they discussed potential tax cuts for next year.

At the meeting, Gyurcsány said a Ft 200 billion tax cut was possible in 2009, that is 0.8% of GDP. Gyurcsány proposed a purpose-minded, but sober tax cut, which would still guarantee social security and would not endanger the operation of state institutions. Gyurcsány also promised at the meeting that his socialist party’s (MSzP) caucus will vote in favor of the health fund law and only joint amendment proposals with SzDSz would be submitted. The outcome of the referendum initiated by major opposition party Fidesz will not influence the government’s reform plans and no personnel changes will ensue in ministries controlled by the liberals, Gyurcsány said. (Napi Gazdaság)