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Hungary: Gov’t proposes smaller parliament, fewer local council officials

  The government proposes cutting the number of members of parliament from 386 to 199 and introducing a single-round general election which would halve election costs to HUF 4 billion, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said after an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Sunday.

The government also proposed reducing the number of local government officials by half, Gyurcsány said. These proposals, as well as others regarding MPs’ compensation and incidental expenses, could save HUF 100 billion during every government term, he said.

Gyurcsány’s minority government would have to muster the support of three-fourths of MPs to approve the proposals as they require changes to the constitution.

Attila Juhász of Political Capital said it was doubtful whether the government would win the support of main opposition party Fidesz for the proposals because the party stands to gain more from the current mixed election system. (MTI-Econews)