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Hungary election results official

The results of Hungary's parliamentary elections held on April 11 and 25 are now official and legally-binding, the Supreme Court announced, a day after the deadline for making appeals.

The court received only one complaint by the Sunday afternoon deadline, which it rejected for formal reasons.

The distribution of parliamentary seats based on the election results approved by the national election committee OVB are now non-appealable.

Hungary's center-right Fidesz-KDNP won 263 seats in the 386-seat parliament, five more than the seats needed for a supermajority. The outgoing government party, the socialist MSzP, won 59 seats, while new entrants, the radical nationalist Jobbik and the green-liberal LMP won 47 and 16 mandates, respectively.

President László Sólyom has convened the inaugural session of the new parliament for Friday. (MTI – Econews)