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Hungary deems EU treaty agreement conducive to closer integration

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány welcomed on Saturday the agreement European Union leaders had reached on a new EU treaty in Brussels, saying it would enable closer integration, according to MTI News Agency.

Gyurcsány said the agreement represents success also to Hungary because it retains all the principles and considerations that prompted Hungary to ratify the original EU constitution. In addition, the current treaty includes details that have been initiated by Hungary in the first place, namely the recognition of minority rights which also includes the rights of ethnic minorities, he added.

Gyurcsány said Hungary had been among the eight or nine countries that contributed several amendment proposals during the last few hours of debates and Hungarian interests had been successfully represented. He praised the extensive efforts exerted by German leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel to achieve success at the EU summit. Gyurcsány said he was convinced the Hungarian parliament would ratify the document in 2008 if the final text is prepared at the next intergovernmental conference and member countries approve it. (