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Hungary: Debrecen to sell airport

The municipality of Debrecen will sell the city’s international airport and its operating company, announced mayor Lajos Kósa. He will present his proposal on the sale at the general assembly on September 6 and the tender is likely to be published in the following month, Kósa said.

The municipality and its asset management holding have spent Ft 4,733,158,000 (about $25,2 million) on the development of the airport since 1994. What the town of Debrecen needs now is a strategic investor, not a financial one, since the volume of air traffic should be substantially increased. At present there are charter flights to 16 destinations, with over 10 companies interested in buying the airport, Chinese, Russian, German, Austrian, English and Spanish investors. Kósa has not specified whether the city will sell 100% of the ownership or to keep a stake, but the municipality will insist on making sure that the facility will go on working as an airport and the operator will keep a Debrecen-based staff. The contract might be signed within the year, said Kósa. (Gazdasági Rádió)