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Hungary calls for unified EU position on Kosovo

Hungarian Foreign Minister Kinga Göncz said chances are high that the European Union will take a joint position on the future of Kosovo before the region declares its independence.

Göncz told a news conference that negotiations had been intense in December and expert level talks are currently under way. Reports indicate that EU will take a unified position on Kosovo's future, she added. Hungary had a vested interest in a unified European position, she said. Stability in the region is crucial for Hungary, alongside a stable ethnic structure in northern Serbia's Vojvodina province, home to a large Hungarian community, Göncz added.

Göncz said Hungary maintained its suggestion that the EU should grant Serbian citizens visa-free status. She also announced that she was scheduled to meet her Serbian counterpart on Tuesday.

On another subject, Göncz said Hungarian-Slovak ties had continued to be problematic in 2007, mainly due to the extreme right and radically anti-Hungarian Slovak National Party's participation in the government coalition. “The Slovak government must drop its double-talk and start a dialogue with Slovakia's ethnic Hungarian party,” she added. (Xinhua)