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Hungary approves Ft 13 bln for waste management system

Hungary's National Development Agency (NFÜ) approved a Ft 12.9 billion in state and EU development funding for a Ft 30 billion waste management system in southwest Hungary, the mayor of the city of Pécs Péter Tasnádi said on Monday.

The contract must still be signed by the government and submitted for approval by the European Commission, Tasnádi said.

The waste management system will serve 426,000 residents of 313 cities and towns.

Within the framework of the project, an Ft 18.4 billion waste collection and sorting system will be set up. State and EU development funding will cover 70% of the cost of this part of the project.

The region generated 175,000 tons of waste last year, but this is expected to rise to 210,00 tons in the next twenty years. Now about 85% of the waste goes into landfills. In 20 years, it is hoped this percentage will fall to 30%, said Tibor Kiss, who heads project manager BIOKOM. (MTI – Econews)