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Hungary announces reforms for 2008

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány announced the government’s planned new wave of reforms for 2008 at Parliament on Monday, according to MTI News Agency.

Key priorities among the 48 measures will be a focus on economic growth, job creation, schools reform and changes in the health-care system. Gyurcsány dubbed the new package the program of a „new order,” as means to provide security in everyday life. Gyurcsány’s first attempts at reform focused on whitening the economy and streamlining public administration, alongside tax hikes aimed at lowering the budget deficit.

Legislative changes in the new package will include laws on party financing, new budget-related laws, and stricter work rules for MPs, including those affecting their salaries and bonuses. The government plans to continue to clamp down on black labor and fuzzy contracts, tighten up public and food safety laws as well as those relating to the environment, and to introduce sanctions against discrimination, segregation and incitement, he said.

Gyurcsány said 2008 would focus on a simplification and more equitableness in the tax system. He said Hungary will continue to follow implementing its euro convergence program in 2008 and that the government would work out a euro timetable jointly with the central bank. He said efforts would be made to reduce anomalies in the pension system and to keep family benefits at their real value next year. (english.people)