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Hungarian Socialist Party ready to work as minority gov’t

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) is ready to work as a minority government and secure independent left-wing governance, the party’s spokesman István Nyakó said on Tuesday.

Nyakó said the party’s national presidium had asked Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to present his proposals for the next two years of governance, including his ideas on revamping the government’s program. János Kóka, chairman of Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), said his party was committed to maintaining economic equilibrium and would support all measures to that end, even though it had quit the coalition. The Free Democrats announced that they would most likely hold the delegates’ meeting on April 27, when an official decision will be made on quitting the coalition.

Prime Minister Gyurcsány told a meeting of the governing MSZP party on Saturday that a new health minister should be appointed to replace SZDSZ-delegated Agnes Horvath. SZDSZ announced on Monday that its ministers and officials would quit the government on April 30. SZDSZ controls the environment, economy and health ministries and has state secretaries in other ministries.


The attitude of foreign investors is key to the economic aspects of the government crisis. As economic growth is minimal, the financing of public treasury has long term problems, and the currency is fragile, government crisis may be bad news for the foreign investors, according Krisztián Kovács, analyst of Concorde. Despite that the minor governing party is walking off, the government will go on unless the parliament dissolves itself (minimum 194 MP’s vote) or they loose a vote of confidence.

The government can continue issuing decrees. It is nearly impossible that the parliament would dissolve, for MSzP the major governing party will not support it. A vote of confidence, with the name of the next Prime Minister could be proposed by the government against its own PM or by one fifth of the MPs. In this latter case at least 18 MSzP MPs should support the opposition. Besides these options the only way for the government to cease operation is the PM’s - or the whole government’s resignation. In this case the president could dissolve the parliament with majority vote. The president’s other option to dissolve the government is due after the parliament withdraws its confidence from the government 4 times within 12 months, but this is practically impossible, concluded Kovács. (Gazdasági Rádió,