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Hungarian, Slovak prime ministers agree to meet informally in future

Hungary's Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico met on the sidelines of an EU summit on Monday and agreed to hold similar meetings regularly in the future.

The informal meeting took place before the meeting of EU heads of state and government in Brussels.

Fico told the press after the meeting that his call for Gyurcsány to pay an official visit to Slovakia is still valid.

Gyurcsány, however, noted that the growth of bilateral relations has been marred by problems related to the minorities.

“Our achievements, positive as they are, are overshadowed by sensitive remarks,” Gyurcsány said.

Over the past year, Gyurcsány has delayed an official visit to the Slovak capital in response to remarks about Hungary from Fico's coalition partner, head of the SNS party Jan Slota. The two countries have also clashed over issues regarding the treatment of Slovak and Hungarian national minorities. (MTI – Econews)