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Hungarian Presidency cost-efficient, Robák said

The Hungarian EU Presidency has managed to fulfill its organizational and logistical tasks, at a high standard and also in a cost-efficient way, online portal Financial reported, citing government commissioner for the Presidency’s operative management Ferenc Robák.

Hungary had hosted 261 Presidency events, including 26 informal and ministerial meetings, 92 senior officials’ meetings and 117 expert conferences in the first half of 2011, Robák said. The Hungarian Government set a double objective in terms of organization and logistics: to fulfill all task at a high standard and in a cost-efficient manner.Robák believes that this has been achieved.

Last year, only HUF 6.9 billion was spent on the Presidencies instead of the planned HUF 9 billion, and the Presidencies will not exceed this year’s calculated HUF 15.5 billion framework either, he said.