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House passes multitude of amendments to media law

The tumult of riders attached to the modification mean that the regulatory regime was changed in almost 100 instances, the daily Népszabadság reported.

One of the most important changes is that penalties levied on media companies may now be collected the same way as public debt by the tax authority, regardless of whether the reprimand was legally challenged.

The media authority is now in charge of determining what “public service” means, whereas this jurisdiction was controlled independently in the past.

The paper pointed out a somewhat peculiar change, namely that programs that even indirectly reference violence or sex will receive a “not suited for viewers under the age of 16” rating.

The modifications were also generous to members of the media controlling panel, who, after the expiration of their nine-year term, will be entitled to one year of their salaries as “compensation for damages”.

Hate speech definitions have also been revised, ending the protection of individuals and applying only to ethnic, religious and other minority groups.