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Hillary Clinton to visit Budapest

Hillary Clinton to visit Budapest next week to meet with members of civil society, Victor Orban and Janos Martonyi as part of a human rights and democracy initiative.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, is coming with the official visit to Hungary next week. The trip is part of her tour focused on on promoting human rights and democracy, the State Department said Friday, and will cover Hungary and Lithuania.

She will meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi following a wave of criticizm the governmment has been facing over the last few months regarding the direction it has been taking the country.

According to Tomicah Tillemann, a senior advisor for civil society and emerging democracies, the event "is an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to pluralism."

Clinton will also hold talks with members of civil society, such as human rights and other activists.

The senior diplomat will be in Budapest for the June 30 opening of the Lantos Institute, named after Tom Lantos, the Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor and outspoken global human rights advocate who died in 2008.