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Healthcare reform to introduce personal responsibility

The ultimate goal of a pending healthcare reform is to introduce personal responsibility for one's health, the prime minister said in a radio interview broadcast early on Tuesday. "The healthcare revamp … is about reorganizing … responsibility," about setting the proportions between my role in maintaining my own health and the public responsibility for restoring it if it deteriorates, Ferenc Gyurcsány said. Speaking about the introduction of co-payments, he said that, in themselves, outpatient or inpatient co-payments were not a healthcare reform and that reform was not primarily a financial issue. The real change, he said, would come when people paid more attention to their health, when they become "more rational and circumspect." Gyurcsány also noted that pressure to reform and upgrade healthcare would always exist, now as well as five or ten years down the road. The current problem is that there had been no response to reform pressures for a number of years, so "an entire series of tasks" had piled up. (MTI)