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Heads of six countries' tax offices hold discussion in Visegrád

Tax payment discipline has not relaxed significantly despite the economic crisis, however, tax revenues have fallen slightly, while cross-border tax fraud has increased, participants of a meeting of the heads of six countries' tax offices said at a press conference in Visegrád on Wednesday.

The presidents of the tax offices of “the Visegrád four” as well as Slovenia and Austria discussed current issues of tax administration as well as forms of regional cooperation and the impacts of the economic crisis.

APEH President János Szikora said that a similar conference was held last spring in Bratislava, but then only Slovenia joined the V4 group. This conference can also be regarded at the creation of the “V6” group, Szikora added.

Recently, joint audits were carried out in seven countries with the Italian tax authority joining, Szikora said, giving an example of mutual information exchange. As a result of these audits, the Hungarian tax office found unpaid tax of HUF 3.723 billion, while the Italian partner revealed tax difference of €20 million. (MTI-ECONEWS)