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H5 virus confirmed in geese in Hungary

The Hungarian authorities have informed the European Commission of a confirmed outbreak of avian influenza in a domestic flock of geese in Bács-Kiskun county, in the south of the country.

The tests carried out so far have shown that it is a H5 highly pathogenic strain, while it is still to be determined whether or not this is the H5N1 strain. Samples will be sent to the Community Reference Laboratory for Avian Influenza in Weybridge, UK, for further tests.
The flock was in a county where cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza occurred in wild birds earlier this year. Although the measures applied in response to the wild bird cases had been lifted, a high level of surveillance was maintained in the area, which enabled the rapid detection of the outbreak in the domestic geese.
All 2,300 geese in the flock were immediately culled upon suspicion of the virus and all poultry, including farmed ducks and geese, in a one kilometer radius around the outbreak, are also being culled.