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Gyurcsány will not resign after leak of speech

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Monday again that he would not resign after the leak out on Sunday of a speech he made at a May 26 party meeting in which he said the government had lied before the election, made nothing to be proud of during its past term, and brought the country well beyond its possibilities.
In an interview on public television on Monday morning, Gyurcsány said he was glad his heated speech had been leaked. "It is not by chance that I am not promising any welfare measures in this campaign, but talk only of developments and reforms," Gyurcsány said, referring to the upcoming local elections on October 1. "Hungary must face the many years of its past and be guided out of this." "Main opposition Fidesz is still telling us that taxes must be cut, gas prices capped and incomes increased," Gyurcsány said. "They should understand that they are making a mistake by lying," he said.
Roughly 100 demonstrators were gathered in front of parliament on Kossuth tér on Monday morning demanding that Gyurcsány and the government resign. Police were lined up behind a barricade in riot gear. (Mti-Eco)