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Gyurcsány meets members of Reform Alliance

  Hungary’s newly-formed Reform Alliance is set to prepare reform proposals by early February next year, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said, after meeting members of the alliance.

The main goals of the alliance will be designing groundwork for reforms of the local government, the tax system, health care and education in order to pave the way for Hungary’s euro adoption in 2012, said József Pálinkás, who heads the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is a member of the Reform Alliance. Gyurcsány said another goal was to close Hungary’s wage gap with the rest of Europe within the next ten years. He added that the government considers the alliance a partner in its endeavors. The group was set up a week earlier with members including leaders of employers’ organizations and the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Gyurcsány said Hungary must handle the short-term effects of the global financial crisis at once. The most important task is to take steps against a mass of layoffs, he added. (MTI–Econews)