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Gov’t yields to healthcare guarantee calls

The Health Ministry provided guarantees to business investors, which had apprehensions about the recently accepted healthcare finances reform, public radio Magyar Rádió reported on Saturday.

The ministry briefly commented on the news, claiming that it had only informed potential investors about the agreement of the ruling coalition parties, while a representative of the insurance companies said that the last hurdles that would have kept out business investors were set aside during the talks. The public radio stated that should the next government overrule the new healthcare system, investors might sue back the purchase price to be paid for the minority share of the future county health funds. The Health Ministry confirmed the news of internet portal Hírszerző that the state would auction off the minority shares of the county health funds, and would sign agreements with the highest bidders. The junior coalition party SzDSz projects the auctions will generate Ft 50 billion- Ft 100 billion  ($282 million - $564 million)as extra revenue for the health industry. (Gazdasági Rádió)