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Gov’t to discuss transport reform at weekend meeting

The government will discuss transportation reform at this weekend's government meeting at Balatonöszöd, Minister of Economy and Transport János Kóka told journalists in parliament on Monday.

He cited the issue of public transport fares and reform-related development policy as examples of what was on the agenda. Kóka denied press reports that 2,000 kilometers of railway passenger lines would be eliminated. He emphasized that consultations with mayors are still under way, therefore the first decision in regard to this matter will not be made before mid-December.
The minister said there is now a unique opportunity to use taxpayer money more efficiently in order to create a modern 21st-century railway system. "If we miss this opportunity, we are no better than they have been over the past 16 years when they did nothing more than talk about reforming transport policy," Kóka added.
The minister said he wanted to remain in his position as long as there was a possibility of implementing transport reforms.