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Gov’t targets to subsidies heating for low-income households

  The government targets HUF 62.8 billion in energy subsidies in the 2009 budget for low-income households that heat with gas or district heating, state secretary at the Social and Labor Affairs Ministry Lajos Korózs said on Monday.

Households with net monthly income under 3.5 times the pensioners’ subsistence level, or about HUF 100,000, may apply for the subsidies. The State Treasury decides on the applications. The subsidies cover 44% of gas bill sand 52% of district heating bills.

By January 30, decisions were made on 1.35 million applications, or 86% of the total submitted. Part of the subsidies is covered from HUF 30 billion in annual revenue from the ‘Robin Hood’ tax on energy companies’ profits. (MTI-Econews)