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Gov’t sets up State Reform Committee

The government has set up the State Reform Committee and the National Development Committee will be set up as of July 1, government spokesman Zoltán J Gál announced late on Monday after the new government’s first cabinet meeting.

Gál said the State Reform Committee, which is to help prepare and enforce policy on restructuring public administration, education, health care and other fields of government, will be headed by the Prime Minister, but his deputy will be former Finance Minister Tibor Draskovics, whose mandate will be for two years.
The committee's members will include Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Péter Kiss, who fills in for the PM when he is away, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office György Szilvásy, Finance Minister János Veres, Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement József Petrétei, the undersecretary in charge of coalition affairs at the Prime Minister's Office and other people to be chosen by Gyurcsány.
Gordon Bajnai, also to serve under a two-year mandate, will oversee all development efforts, including the distribution of EU structural funding under the National Development Plan. Bajnai said at the press conference that his committee would draw up proposals for legislation by August.