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Gov’t report shows Hungary becomes major destination of drug smuggling

Hungary is not only a transit point for drug smuggling, but also a destination with a substantial market, mostly for synthetic drugs, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported on Saturday.

Almost 90% of all the drugs sold in Hungary are smuggled from abroad, MTI quoted the National Security Office as saying in its 2007 annual report. The most extensively used drug in the country is marijuana, followed by Amphetamine-type stimulants marketed by Swedish and Dutch dealers, the report said. While the most commonly used routes used to go through the Balkans, organized crime rings have now built a network crisscrossing Europe in all directions, thus enabling them to select the route which best suits their current marketing needs with the risk of being seized at the lowest, it said. The report also said that due to an expansion in the highly-profitable synthetic drugs trade, fighting among international drug rings is expected to become more fierce. (Xinhua)