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Gov’t promises further Ft 1 bln for flood defense

The government has decided to provide a further Ft 1 billion for emergency flood defense, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said after a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Various degrees of flood alerts are in force for 3,100 kilometers of Hungary's 4,000 kilometers of river embankments, Environment and Water Management Minister Miklós Persányi said Monday morning. The highest level of alert is in effect for 733 kilometers. The situation is worst between Visegrád and Szentendre, north of Budapest, and water levels are expected to remain high for a long time on the River Tisza as well.
The Danube is expected to peak on Tuesday at a record level of 862 centimeters. Some 10,000 people are involved in organized flood defense work and a further 10,000 volunteers are working on the embankments. The number of people who have been forced to evacuate their homes has increased from 374 to 458 by early Monday, including those who were forced to move out due to standing water.