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Gov’t/Fidesz advantage across the table

Hungary's  governing Fidesz party saw a minor drop in its approval ratings but is still miles ahead of any political opponents, the latest report by pollster Medián shows.

Asked whether they would go and vote if elections were held this weekend, a largely equal number of respondents said yes than before the spring general elections.

Based on Medián’s findings, the Fidesz-KDNP bloc tops the table with 63% approval, followed by MSzP (17%), Jobbik (14%) and LMP (5%).

Medián also found that the majority, 52% of the Hungarian population are satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the second Orbán cabinet so far.

In the rankings of the most popular politicians, 20 of the first places are held by government politicians, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the top with 61 points. (BBJ)