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Gov’t considers extra votes after children

A prominent government party MP has dusted off an older proposal that would grant families raising children extra votes at elections, online portal Index reports.

According to the portal, the motion was presented by Fidesz prominent József Szájer, member of a committee overseeing the drafting process of Hungary’s new constitution. The idea is not new as it was originally raised by Fidesz MP Máriusz Révész in 2007, laid out in an article entitled Children’s voting rights.

Révész pointed out that such a revision in electoral laws would have an impact on the type of national budgets Parliament approves and the tax system would also be shaped so as to accommodate the rights and needs of two million Hungarians who are under the age of 18.

“The lives of children and their parents would improve, the social prestige of raising children would improve significantly. Every political party would be creating programs making it easier for larger families to get homes, extending the job opportunities for mothers and incorporating child raising in calculating pensions, since two million votes cannot be ignored,” Révész wrote in his proposal.

Back then, Fidesz eventually let the idea die until Szájer came along at the latest strategizing retreat of the governing Fidesz-KDNP bloc in Siófok.

Index notes that the serious preferential treatment of families could also be a boon for KDNP, as the Christian democrats have recently been dealt a blow by their senior governing partner. KDNP wanted to include stronger condemnation of abortions in the new basic document, something that Fidesz swept off the table without notifying its partner. Even Prime Minister Viktor Orbán weighed in on the debate, compelling KDNP to give up its position and agree almost unanimously to leave the current regulatory framework of the matter - in effect since 1991 - alone. (BBJ)