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Gov't approves operative programs under second National Development Plan

A cabinet meeting on Wednesday approved 15 operative programs to be included in the second National Development Plan, which will disburse Hungary's EU funding during the 2007-2013 budgetary period, government commissioner responsible for development policy Gordon Bajnai announced on Wednesday.

The government will submit the plan to Brussels in mid-December. Bajnai said the operative programs were approved in two phases, with sector-based operative programs being discussed last week, then regional-based ones on Wednesday. Bajnai said Ft 1,600 billion will be available under the seven regional operative programs. Underdeveloped regions will be allocated more than developed ones, he said.

The programs will go toward developing the regions' economies, tourism industries, local transportation infrastructure, education and training programs and villages and towns. Bajnai said Ft 5,300 billion of sector-based development funding will be available between 2007 and 2013. This funding will aim to create a cheaper, simpler, more service-based administration system, as well as increase competitiveness. It will also be spent on transportation infrastructure, education and training and the environment. (Mti-Eco)