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Govt approves national energy strategy

Hungary's government on Wednesday approved a strategy to ensure the security, sustainability and economic competitiveness of the country's long-term energy supply, the National Development Minister said.

The government will submit the National Energy Strategy to Parliament, the ministry said.

The strategy guarantees the security of supply and takes into account even the smallest cost elements. It is a validation of environmental considerations and ensures that Hungary makes a contribution on a scale of international proportions to solve global problems.

To achieve these goals, Hungary must reduce its dependence on energy imports, in part through diversifying supply routes, it must strengthen the role of the state, cut down on the amount of household income that goes toward energy bills and offer incentives to energy companies to make domestic developments, the ministry said.

The strategy seeks to increase use of renewable energy resources, maintain the current capacity to generate nuclear energy, develop regional energy infrastructure, establish new systems for energy institutions and promote energy efficiency and energy savings.

Parliament will debate the energy strategy in the autumn and is expected to approve it in a resolution.