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Glos says EU's CO2 target „unacceptable,” hurts German industry

German Economy Minister Michael Glos rebuffed as „unacceptable” a European Union plan to set limits on carbon-dioxide emissions for cars and called it a targeted attempt to weaken the country's automobile industry.

„The EU's emission limits for cars are unacceptable to us,” Glos told a press conference in Berlin today, adding the measure reflects „two-fisted industrial political interests.” Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday vowed to „block any attempt to introduce a general reduction” of emissions for all cars.

Stricter threshold levels on car emissions would weigh on Germany whose carmakers including Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and DaimlerChrysler AG's Mercedes-Benz are „global leaders” among makers of middle-class and luxury vehicles, Glos said, adding Europe can't afford steps that hurt German industry.

German carmakers including Audi AG and Volkswagen AG have said a new across-the-board CO2 limit of 120 grams per kilometer would entail thousands of job losses in Europe's largest economy by hurting the sales of high-performance cars in which Germany specializes. „We must keep our German interests in mind because they're also Europe's interests,” Glos said. „The EU cannot progress if its economic engine, and that is Germany, isn't performing well.” (Bloomberg)