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Globalization, Russia and Bali climate conference

The economic and social aspects of globalization and how it will affect people in the European Union was debated last Wednesday, according to an article published in the official website of the European Parliament.

The day also reported on the problem of soil erosion in Europe and relations with Russia adopted in separate votes. Ahead of the December Bali conference on climate change, MEPs questioned the Council and Commission and stressed the need to succeed in negotiating a post-2012 framework on climate change.

The challenges and possibilities that globalization present was the subject of a debate between MEPs and representatives of the Council and Commission. It comes ahead of the Bali conference where international action to build a post Kyoto future will begin. European Energy Commissioner Stavros Dimas stated that the EU must set the tone and play a pioneering role; it has already begun doing so by way of proposals for revision of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), capping CO2 emissions from cars and using renewables'.

Moreover, MEPs adopted a resolution on relations with Russia that notes concern about human rights, democracy and freedom of expression in the country. It came following the EU-Russia Summit in October. Other areas of concern voiced in the resolution include freedom of expression and the rights of civil society and individuals to challenge the authorities. (Read more)