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Germany prepares pollution-dependent landing fees for flights

The German government is working on rules that would make landing fees for airlines dependent on the pollution caused by the aircraft they operate, according to the Transport Ministry.

Fees will be lowered for „cleaner” airplanes and raised for aircraft emitting above-average pollution, the ministry said in a faxed statement yesterday. The government plans to keep revenue from landing fees unchanged from the current system, the ministry said. The government seeks to „reward the use of environmentally friendly, cleaner airplanes,” the ministry said, citing „good experiences” in countries including Switzerland and Sweden. The announcement comes as polls show that a majority of Germans are prepared to take fewer flights and drive their cars less to combat global warming and protect the environment. Chancellor Angela Merkel, reacting to Germans' willingness to change, aims to establish policies to combat global warming. A 3 year voluntary test phase will begin at the end of the year, the ministry said. (Bloomberg)