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German waste dumped in Hungary must be returned

Since December, local authorities in four Hungarian counties have discovered 4,000 bales of illegally dumped household waste from Germany.

Bales of household refuse brought from Germany to Hungary may not be classified as "green list", as it can be burned to create heat energy, and must therefore be returned. It must still be established who will pay for the transfer, Lajos Jeszták, the top environmental official in southwest Hungary, told at a press conference on Tuesday.
Four of ten suspects in the case have already been apprehended, and an investigation of three companies is ongoing. Under EU rules, only waste that may not be used for other purposes, such as incinerating to produce heat energy, may be placed in landfills, Jeszták explained. He added that incinerating the refuse would have been more expensive than bringing it to Hungary. (Mti-Eco)