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GE Internetbank next phishing victim

Yesterday another data-phishing action started, targeted at the clients of GE Budapest Internetbank.

Similarly to the attacks during the few past days, the phishers tried to navigate the unsuspicious clients to their own website through fake e-mails. They obviously aim to get the identification numbers and finally tap the accounts. Being written in Hungarian, this time the messages were even more dangerous. On the phishers’ website the potential victims are required to give not only the user name and the password but also the 6-character e-pin-code.

It has been the fourth similar attempt in the past week or so. The domain name used for the current attack was registered at a German company on 30 November. A domain name evoking OTP was also registered. The phishers try to provide an access to the real web-server, too, so that the client will not immediately notice that they are being robbed of their data. (Napi Gazdaság)