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Gay pride march ends in clashes, arrests

As expected, Saturday’s gay pride parade in Budapest was held in an air of tension with anti-protesters clashing on several occasions with police dispatched in great numbers to secure the peace.

The protesters attacked riot police with beer bottles while shouting anti-gay, anti-government chants and praising well-known right wing nationalist figures. During the day, police detained 41 people, the majority of who were released the next day.

The Budapest police department BRFK said 17 people are to be formally charged for assaulting law enforcement officials while 12 will be investigated on grounds of various smaller transgressions.

BRFK said it is still searching for four individuals who assaulted a lone woman near Astoria who was wearing a shirt promoting the pride march. Thanks to the extensive police presence, she was the only known participant of the event who became casualty to the extremists. (Gazdasági Rádió)