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FT: Hungarian EU presidency may be more competent than expected

After a rocky start, the Hungarian EU presidency has made significant progress, FT blog wrote.

Although Hungary’s six-month period at the helm of the EU rotating presidency got off to a rocky start, the Hungarians "have made quite a bit of progress on some of the thorniest EU issues on their agenda, including the new budget rules", Financial Times' Brussels bureau chief Peter Spiegel wrote in his blog.

“We are Hungarians, therefore we enjoy the rocky start. Something that is too easy has no value.” Spiegel quoted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as quipping. While the importance of the rotating presidency has been heavily eroded by the ascension of a permanent European Council president, the presidency remains in charge of handling negotiations over tough legislative issues.

"As the Hungarian presidency reaches its mid-way point, it’s worth considering that they may be proving more quietly competent than many may had expected" Spiegel concludes.