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Free movement for Bulgarians, Romanians to Switzerland in 7 years?

Political powers in Switzerland are skeptical towards the signed contract between EU and Bern for 7 years transitional period for Bulgarian and Romanian citizen, announced.

Swiss Government previews prevention clause to prolong the transitional period for another 3 years, during which to be introduced quotes for arriving Bulgarians and Romanians. According to Swiss Federation of Trade Unions (SGB) the introducing of such prevention clause is of big importance due to the threat the Swiss work market to be flooded by Bulgarians and Romanians. Such a danger is very possible, because salaries in both Balkan countries are at least 10 times lower than in Switzerland, representative of SGB have warned. Swiss democrats, though, insist double referendum to be conducted on the matter. First is against the prolonging itself of the agreement between EU and Switzerland for free movement of people and second is against the expanding of the agreement’s influence towards the Bulgaria and Romania citizens. Even more extreme is the opinion of Association for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland - ideological wing of Swiss People’s Party.

According to the Association representatives, such an agreement of 7 years transit period plus additional 3 years have to be accepted also towards the 10 countries, which entered the European Union 4 years ago. Though, the risk of immigration wave from Bulgaria and Romania is much bigger, if we take under consideration the life standard in these countries, compared to the one of the 10 EU members, accepted on May 1, 2004. (