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Former PM Bajnai slams economy minister

Former PM Gordon Bajnai and former Finance minister Péter Oszkó have reacted to allegations by Economy Minister György Matolcsy that there were false figures in the budget of the Bajnai government, reports

Bajnai and Oszkó think Matolcsy’s economic policy is taking the country astray, and the government is “wasting time on lies.”

A bill on the execution of the 2010 budget – submitted to Parliament by Matolcsy – had said the decifit would have been over 7% without action by the new government.

Bajnai and Oszkó said the reality was that the deficit did not grow and is not growing as a result of the Bajnai government’s budget – which was being reviewed by international organizations – but because of “Matolcsy’s faulty economic policy.”