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Former MVM head implicates Gyurcsány

István Kocsis, former chief executive of Hungary's national electricity provider MVM and current head of Budapest public transport company BKV, has formally accused in a statement former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and leading Socialist government figures György Szilvásy and János Kóka of causing billions of forints in damages to MVM during his leadership at the firm, daily Magyar Nemzet reported.

Kocsis was questioned by police last week on suspicion of misappropriation of company funds during his tenure at MVM between 2005 and 2008. 

The paper did not add any details about the statement, but said MVM’s losses rose by HUF 1 billion in 2007-2008 – when Hungary was led by a Socialist government – through some shady contracts made with different companies.

Kocsis told police he was not guilty of the crimes he is accused of.

Budapest mayor István Tarlós said he would not remove Kocsis as head of BKV as long as a criminal investigation is under way.