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First Hungarian windmill produces energy

The first Hungarian windmill power plant, in the area of Mosonszolnok, have started its operation.

The windmill park consists of 12 power plants producing 24 megawatts of energy. The investor - EnergyCorp Hungary Kft, a Spanish-Hungarian joint venture - spent Ft 9 billion on the plant. The investment is expected to return in 10-35 years. The government has an obligation to buy the energy produced by the plant in the next 13 years.

The plant was only financed by private investors, since the government rejected the Energy Corp's tender for funding from EU-subsidized program, KIOP. The investors first planned to build a plant producing 48 megawatts of energy, but the Hungarian Energy Authority only allowed a 24 megawatts plant. Investors still hope that the already operating plant will be a good reference, and the authority will allow further expansion. (