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Finance Ministry spends Ft 40 bln of budget reserves in 2006

Last year the Finance Ministry paid a total of Ft 40.7 billion from the central budget reserve, reports the ministry, Ft 2.2 billion more than in 2005.

The posted list shows that social affairs, flood prevention, agriculture and law enforcement required unforeseen expenses. Ft 2.5 billion was spent on the riots in October. 12 % had to be spent on fighting bird-flu, while 8% went to Honvéd Hospital’s reconstruction.

The State Reform Committee led by Ex-Finance Minister Tibor Draskovics received Ft 60 million, the Sziget Festival was supported by Ft 100 million, and state-owned market research company Kopint-Datorg Zrt saw its capital grow by Ft 250 million. (Népszava)