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Fidesz wins elections with two-third majority

Fidesz brought no surprise and won the Hungarian elections by an overwhelming majority. With 98.1% of the ballots counted, Fidesz is projected to have 263 seats in the 386-seat legislature, five more than the 258 seats needed to control two-thirds of the parliamentary mandates, which majority will allow the party to pass legislation without having to secure support from the opposition. The now-governing Socialist Party (MSzP) will have only 59 deputies in the next parliament, followed by the far-right Jobbik with 47, and the green LMP with 16. The new Parliament will have one independent MP.

After the elections ended, MSzP party leader Ildikó Lendvai announced her resignation and the entire party presidium plans to resign at the next party congress, scheduled for late May or early June. Lendvai and Attila Mesterházy, the MSzP’s prime minister candidate, congratulated Fidesz on its victory while warning that the next government could do much – “both good and bad” - with its huge mandate. Lendvai said that the last eight years was not a failure for the country but it was for the MSzP. According to her, the MSzP now faces three tasks: to „sincerely evaluate” the past eight years, to get prepared for a constructive opposition role, and to reform the MSzP.

Viktor Orbán, PM candidate of winner Fidesz party claimed that Hungary saw a revolution last night and promised to establish a new system which focuses on the national interest of Hungarians instead of the „individual interest of oligarchies”. He added that the winner “is not right but has a task.” Gábor Vona, head of extreme right wing party Jobbik, that could not secure its victory in any of the Budapest voting districts in the second round, said that Jobbik is ready to employ “all democratic tools inside and out of the Parliament” in order to “force its will” to the new cabinet in case it will not live up to its promises, Vona said. Green party LMP claimed that they are prepared to cooperate with the democratic opposition as well as with the governing party. Hungary’s President László Sólyom emphasized the importance of starting substantive work in the Parliament and said that he will appoint the date of the forming session of the Parliament for as soon as possible. (BBJ Online)