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Fidesz to revamp foreign ministry

Hungary's Foreign Ministry is likely to undergo deep changes in staff and structure when Fidesz forms a new government after the elections, Wednesday's Népszabadság daily reported.

János Martonyi, the next foreign minister, said earlier that "a much more committed apparatus and a clearer structure is needed".

Top officials, including all state secretaries, are likely to be replaced, the paper said, citing unnamed sources.

Martonyi plans to only lead the ministry until the end of Hungary's EU Presidency in 2011 after which Zsolt Németh, the current head of parliament's foreign affairs committee, is tipped to take over.

Asked to comment on the plans, Nemeth only said it was too early to comment as long as the financing of the ministry is still unclear.

"We can say more when the financial conditions are clear, that is, when the new government is formed," he said.

Many officials who held posts under the previous Fidesz government between 1998 and 2002 are also likely to make a comeback, the paper said.

Changes at the helms of 30-40 embassies are expected within a year, including in the US, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Thailand and Ukraine, as well as in all the neighboring states.

The new ministry will have a department for affairs of Hungarians beyond the border, probably to be headed by Kinga Gál, an MEP.

Fidesz is thought to be planning to bring in "fresh forces" to prepare Hungary's EU presidency, which the paper's sources cited as a potential danger zone of politics taking priority over professional considerations. (MTI)