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Fidesz to focus on two areas once in government

The centre-right Fidesz party will restructure government to form two main branches if it comes to power after the April general election, MP István Mikola, former minister of health, said on Tuesday.

Fidesz will seek to alter the constitution so as to create two main branches of government, one responsible for economic affairs and the other for social issues, Mikola said in an interview syndicated to several local newspapers. Mikola, whom Fidesz Chairman Viktor Orbán promised the deputy prime minister's post last weekend, would be in charge of sports,


health, youth and family affairs.


"For the country to experience an economic upswing, the Hungarian people should first be healthy and get rid of the general atmosphere of depression," Mikola said, adding that he would be in charge of all sectors "enabling individuals to accomplish themselves, protect or restore their physical and mental health."