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Fidesz retains slight lead over Socialists

Opposition party Fidesz kept its 3-point lead over main governing party MSZP according to a Median poll conducted in early February. Among all voters, right-of-centre Fidesz received 34% support compared to the Socialist party's 31%, while those who were certain to vote and had made up their mind about which party to support put Fidesz on 43 % as against MSZP's 38%. In the Feb 3-7 poll, junior governing liberal party SZDSZ got 4 % among all voters -- below the 5 % mark for entry to parliament -- and 3 % in the decided group. The general climate for politicians has improved, according to Median, with almost all politicians seen in a more favourable light. Prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and his opposition rival Viktor Orbán were virtually tied in fifth and sixth place respectively.