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Fidesz resubmits bill taxing severance pay over HUF 2 mln

Fidesz parliamentary group leader János Lázár resubmitted late Tuesday a bill to Parliament that would levy a 98% tax on severance pay over HUF 2 million in the public sector.

Parliament approved the tax in July with retroactive effect from January 1, 2010, but Hungary's Constitutional Court annulled it in a ruling on Tuesday.

Lázár also submitted bills to Parliament that would limit the Constitutional Court's scope of power to questions that may not be put to a referendum.

Questions that affect the budget may not be put to a referendum under Hungarian law.

A third bill Lazar submitted on Tuesday would add payroll contributions to the list of matters on which referendums may not be held.

Parliament approved a bill on Monday that suspends payments to mandatory private pension funds from November until the end of 2011. The Stabilitas Fund Association said on Tuesday that they would contest the law, turning to the president and the Constitutional Court. (MTI – Econews)