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Fidesz politician urges rethink of EU-supported investments

Hungary ought to rethink some sewer and drinking water investments it has promised the European Union to make because of the cost to the country, Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen and party vice president of governing Fidesz, said at a conference on Wednesday.

We must ask the question "Is it realistic to build these systems with European Union parameters?", Kósa said of projects to build sewers and improve the quality of drinking water supported with HUF 1,000 billion-HUF 1,200 billion in EU funding. Speaking about work on sewers, he called for a review of "which parts are already taken care of, which parts can be done later and which parts will create higher spending that citizens cannot pay."

"Does Hungary have to be burdened with this HUF 1,000 billion program now?" he asked.

Kósa said a new law on public water utilities had to be passed during the new government's cycle. He called it a "nightmare" that there are more than 400 water utilities in Hungary and said their number had to be reduced, with the country's biggest cities playing the role of integrator. (MTI-ECONEWS)