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Fidesz-KDNP MPs scrap proposal for transport tax, decide to leave "chips" tax unchanged

MPs of governing Fidesz-KDNP scrapped proposals to introduce a transportation tax and decided to keep the scale of a tax on unhealthy foods unchanged at a meeting on Monday, party MPs said.

Neither the scale of the tax on unhealthy foods, dubbed the "chips" tax by some, nor the scope of products on which it is levied will be changed, parliamentary group leader János Lázár and Fidesz MP Antal Rogán said after the meeting.

Local authorities will not be allowed to levy new taxes, the men said.

Rogán said the vehicle registration tax would be reduced significantly next year, but stricter requirements would be introduced for payment of VAT on vehicles.

From January 1, the use of vehicles with foreign number plates will be allowed in Hungary "practically" only for 24-hour periods, compared to 30 days at present, Rogán said. Germany uses the same practice, he added.