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Fidesz has second thoughts about curbing Constitutional Court powers

Hungary's governing Fidesz party has offered the restoration of most of the Constitutional Court's former powers in exchange for liberal LMP's participation in building the new Constitution.

Gergely Gulyás, vice-president of the constitution-drafting committee said on Duna TV yesterday that he was willing to consider only one of LMP's several conditions for taking part in constitutional work, and this one condition was giving back the Constitutional Court its jurisdiction over as fiscal matters, taxes and tariffs and other matters that cannot be the subject of a national referendum.

The advance control of the budget law will not be returned to the Court, Gulyás said. According to, Gulyás admitted that the decision to curb the court's powers stemmed from "economic necessities". Minister Viktor Orbán has not commented on the idea.

Returning power to the Constitutional Court was the green-liberal LMP’s assumption to take part in the preparation of the constitution. Far-right Jobbik will take part in the works but promises to say no at the final voting, while the socialist MSzP does not take part in the constitutional works at all.

The Fidesz-KDNP government restricted the competency of Constitutional Court last November, after that the court rejected the government’s 98% extra tax on public-sector severance pay above HUF 2 million, retroactive to the beginning of 2010.   At the same time, head of the constitution-drafting committee József Szájer told online Hírszerző in an interview that, according to government plans, only those could refer to the Constitutional Court in any case who are personally affected and are damaged by a given law.